Sunday, August 1, 2010

Water Baby by Real Water Babies

Water babies have been around since about 1990 and are wonderful little dolls. What is particularly ingenious about these dolls is that you can fill them with warm water so they actually take on the weight and warmth of a real baby. Each one is made from a phthalate free soft vinyl that is molded in a single piece so there aren't any leaky arm or leg joints. The only open seam that the dolls have is where the head is attached to the body, but water does not go into the head if you fill the body of the doll with water. The only time you need to worry about getting water in the head is if the doll is used for bath time play. Strengths: These babies are excellent for older children who like to play "Mummy", but they are also wonderful for older toddlers and preschoolers who are really drooly or still tend to explore objects with their mouths. Weaknesses: Because the dolls are made out of a soft vinyl, they don't bend really well, so you can't easily put them on a chair or in a stroller. But the children I've used my Water Baby with like the doll for so many other reasons that the sitting down issue isn't a big deal for them. Price: $15 -$22. Where to Buy: I've found Water Babies at Toys R Us (in-store not online) or you can go directly to the company website ( and find another retailer closer to you.

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