Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fish Bowl Puzzle by Melissa & Doug

This is another wonderful addition to the Jumbo Knob puzzles produced by Melissa and Doug. It's a highly durable puzzle whose pieces fit easily into their respective holes. They have a snug fit, but aren't so tight that it's impossible for toddlers to get the pieces in. Strengths: These Melissa & Doug puzzles have been nothing than popular with the children I work with. They love the giant knobs, bright colours, and the fact that you can match the pictures on the pieces to the pictures on the board. Weaknesses: This toy is most appropriate for toddlers, but the packaging clearly states that because of the giant knobs, which could theoretically come off, that the toy should not be used with a child under the age of 3 years. Most children who are functionally at the 3 year level don't find this "baby puzzle" (their words, not mine) all that challenging or interesting. So, I guess if you're using it with a younger child (who will really enjoy it) make sure that the play is supervised or that the child can resist putting the knob into his or her mouth. Price: $8 - $14. Where to Buy: Many specialty toy stores carry Melissa & Doug puzzles (and other toys) as do large chain toy stores such as Toys R us, but they can also be purchased on line at or through Amazon.

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