Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cook-A-Doodle-Doo! By Janet Stevens & Susan Stevens Crummel

This is a fantastic book about Big Brown Rooster who decides he's sick of chicken feed and wants to become a great cook, just like his Great-Granny. He finds Granny's old recipe book and decides to make her delicious sounding strawberry shortcake! Dog, Cat, and Goose think that Big Brown Rooster is crazy, but he finds lots of support from Iguana, Turtle, and Potbellied Pig, who become his assistants in the kitchen. Turtle reads the recipe aloud for the funny foursome, Iguana keeps getting the instructions confused, and Potbellied Pig just wants to taste everything, but eventually the strawberry shortcake is made, but unfortunately it falls on the floor and Potbellied Pig gobbles it all up before anyone else has a chance to eat it. Undeterred the team of animals decides to make another shortcake that they share with Dog, Cat, and Goose. It's a wonderful tale of teamwork and friendship! Another neat feature of the book is that scattered on the margins of each page there is information about the ingredients, measurements, and techniques used to actually make the shortcake. Kids might not be interested in this, but the information helps adults answer the questions children may have about the cooking process. Where to Buy: Children's book sellers or on line retailers all carry this deliciously fun book.

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