Monday, August 2, 2010

Peek-a-Blocks Alphabet Blocks by Fisher Price

This fun set of alphabet blocks is a nice addition to the Peek-a-Blocks family by Fisher Price. Each block is made of a clear plastic and has a little animal, character, or object inside that corresponds to the letter on the block. Strengths: These are a great size for older infants and toddlers to grasp and shake. Some of the characters move around, so you get the added bonus of having a block that's also a shaker toy. They're great for banging together and are fun to play hiding games with. Weaknesses: If your child likes to build tall towers these blocks will cause lots of frustration. Because the surfaces are slippery, it's difficult for many young children to stack more than 3-4 blocks before they fall over. Also, Fisher Price marketed these blocks as appropriate for children between 9 - 24 months, so the letters aren't really developmentally appropriate for a big chunk of the target population. The other problem with these blocks is the price. They were on the market several years ago, and were very reasonably priced, but now I'm seeing them priced as high $40 or more at on line retailers. They are nice blocks, but definitely not worth $40! You can get them at the on line Fisher Price store for about $27. Price: $27 - $48. Where to Buy: eBay, Amazon, Fisher Price on line store (

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