Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Job, Oliver! by Laurel Molk

Oliver the bunny is determined to win the annual strawberry growing contest, despite the taunts from the bigger bunnies who think he is to little to grow good strawberries. He might be young, but Oliver is very determined and hard working. He protects his precious strawberry plants from hungry birds, ravenous gophers, and even from a group of hungry bears. In the end Oliver grows the biggest and brightest strawberries and wins the contest! Everyone celebrates with him and they turn his beautiful strawberries into an array of yummy treats! This book is wonderful for alder toddlers and preschoolers and teaches great lessons about confidence, hard work, and the importance of strong support from people (or bunnies) who love you. Where to Buy: I haven't seen this book in any traditional bookstores lately but it can be found through on line retailers.

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