Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Little People Lil Pirates Sea Skiff by Fisher Price

This another accessory piece that can be added to the Lil' Pirate Ship play set by Fisher Price. The sea skiff comes with a pirate figure, octopus, boat, and really cool fishing pole. The pirate can actually sit on the end of the pole and it looks like he's actually catching a fish. Strengths: The boat has an open-ended latch on the front so it can be attached to the raft in the Treasure Hunt pirate play set, also by Fisher Price. It's durable and is a great addition to any fleet of boats. Weaknesses: Nothing that any of the children I work with have been able to discover. Price: ????? Where to Buy: I purchased my Sea Skiff set a couple of years ago at Toys R Us, but I've not seen it in the store for quite a while. When I googled the toy I did find it a, but it seems to be one that is difficult to track down. I'd check out stores like Big Lots or Smart and Final because they often carry toys that are no longer available through other major retailers.

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