Friday, August 6, 2010

Alice the Fairy by David Shannon

Alice, who is a Temporary Fairy (because she has to dress up to become one) longs for the day she will become a Permanent Fairy (but she has to pass a lot of tests before she can become one of those). Because she is only a Temporary Fairy, her magic is limited but exciting none-the-less. She turns her Daddy into a horse, changes his cookies into hers, makes leaves fall from the trees with her wand, draws pictures on the water, and can make herself disappear by turning off the lights or hiding under her blanket. Alice has a wonderful imagination and uses fairy dust (sugar) to turn oatmeal into cake and dreams for the day when she can turn the water in her bathtub into strawberry jello. This is a wonderful book that sparks the imagination of young children and helps them think of all sorts of fun things they can pretend to do or be. The illustrations have a lovely "fairy-like" quality to them and the text is relatively simple. However, the pictures themselves are so expressive that this is a book that can easily be read based on picture description only. Where to Buy: Any children's bookseller or on line book dealer should carry this great book!

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