Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bumpety Bump by Kathy Henderson

This is actually a lap game book for babies. Slumpety, humpety, tumpety, everyone in the family gets a chance to hold the baby in this book that is filled with bouncy rhythms and bright illustrations. after the baby has been bounced, tossed, given a horsie back ride, and cuddled went back to her crib for a nap. This is an extremely simple book that encourages lots of participation from children. If you pause at the end of the sentence before the action starts, even very young children will move their arms and legs to get the story going again. It's a fun, action packed story to share with young children. Where to Buy: The book was originally published in 1994, so I'm not sure if it still in print. However, I have been able to find it on Amazon (naturally) and have found it in a couple of bargain bins at large chain book stores, like Barnes & Nobel.

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