Monday, August 2, 2010

Slice & Play Fruits and Vegetables by Just Like Home

Pretend food is a must during childhood and this set gives young children a chance to really play with their food! The set comes with a pineapple, grapes, eggplant, orange, peach, brussel sprout, strawberry, peas, tomato, and an onion. You can "peel" the peas, orange, and brussel sprout, but all of the other fruits and vegetables have to be "cut" apart because of the Velcro holding the two halves together. The set also has a little cutting board and a sturdy plastic knife that makes cutting a breeze. Strengths: Because all of the parts are plastic they are easy to disinfect (either with a spray of vinegar and water or a spin though the dishwasher). Weaknesses: All of the pieces of the set are great, except for the peel on the orange. It comes off in 1/4 sections and it's hard to get the Velcro from the peel to stick back on the body of the fruit once you get it off. Price: $15-$20. Where to Buy: I found mine at Toys R Us.

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