Monday, August 9, 2010

David Goes to School by David Shannon

David, an energetic, enthusiastic, and slightly out of control little boy, takes to the classroom in another installment of the "David" series of books by David Shannon. David goes through his school day with very little regard for how his behaviour might be impacting upon other members of his class. He pulls pony-tails, stares out the window, cuts in line in the cafeteria, and draws on thetop of his desk! Despite the ongoing warnings from his teacher, David continues to wreck havoc in the classroom. At the end of the story David stays after class and washes off all of the desks for the teacher. She tells him he did a good job and rewards him with a gold star. Kids seem to really enjoy this book because they have the opportunity to tell David not to do things and can then come up with options for better classroom behaviour. I have found that even two-year-olds can recognize what not to do and have some excellent suggestions for David improving upon his behaviour. Where to Buy: Any major children's book seller would probably have this book in stock.

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