Monday, August 16, 2010

June 29, 1999 by David Wiesner

This is an imaginative and fanciful book about a science project that seemingly goes very wrong. On May 11, 1999, Holly Evans from Ho-Ho-Kus New Jersey launches vegetable seedlings into the sky. Each in planted in a little box and tied to a balloon. Holly wants to study the effects of extraterrestrial conditions on vegetable growth. But in late June, 1999 giant vegetables begin to land on earth. Cucumbers circle Kalamazoo, lima beans loom over Levittown, artichokes advance on Anchorage, parsnips pass by Providence, and cauliflower carpets California. Holly, who initially thinks that her experiment has been a huge success become confused when vegetables she did not plant start floating down to earth. There is a wonderful twist at the end of the story that clearly explains where all of the giant vegetables came from. I have found that some of the older children I have worked with really enjoy the book. It sparks all sorts of imaginative play and is a great book for "thinking outside of the box". Where to Buy: I have recently seen this at Barnes and Nobel, so I would assume that it is still available in most children's bookstores.

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