Friday, September 3, 2010

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Zoo Blocks by Haba

This is a set of 25 wooden blocks painted in fun colours to resemble different zoo animals. Each block is a slightly different shape and this allows children to use their imagination about what kind of animal they want to build! The fact that you can mix and match shapes and colours seems to be especially appealing to toddlers who like to explore the limits of their imaginations. Strengths: These are great blocks for toddlers-well made, durable, good for small hands, colorful, and a good addition to other Haba block sets. Weaknesses: They are a little it pricey (over $40) but they give you terrific play value for the money. They are wonderful for toddlers, but older preschool children seem to enjoy them just as much, Price: $40- $45. Where to Buy: You can most Haba block sets through Moolka toys (, Oompa toys (, and of course Amazon. I usually go with Amazon for these kinds of toys because they are usually less expensive that some of the other toy retailers, but I got this set through Moolka and paid less for it than I would have through Amazon.

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