Saturday, September 18, 2010

Building Blocks Torrino by Haba

This set of six stacking blocks is a lovely early block set for toddlers who are interested in stacking up and knocking down small towers of objects. The pieces are made out of beech wood and finished with water based, non-toxic lacquers that seems to retain the colour quite nicely. The tower is only about 9 inches high when stacked, so there is very little chance that the blocks could do serious damage to floors or fingers when knocked over. Strengths: The pieces are a nice size for small hands to manipulate and they stack together easily. These blocks can also be incorporated into other Haba block sets and this allows for even more creative building opportunities. Weaknesses: According to the manufacturer, these blocks are good for children as young as 12 months, but I have some concerns about the small red ball on the top of the pink cone. It looks like it may be a separate piece of wood that has been glued/attached to the larger piece. Maybe it's all one piece, but I just can't tell. Therefore, I'm always hesitant when using this particular block with children who still like to chew or mouth toys. Maybe I'm worrying needlessly, but it just looks like the little red ball could pop off. Price: $17 - $20. Where to Buy: Oompa (, Moolka (, and Padilly ( all carry Haba block sets.

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