Saturday, September 18, 2010

Duck and Cover by Jackie Urbanovic

This is another great addition to the "Duck" series by Jackie Urbanovic. In this outing Max the Duck helps Irene give shelter to an alligator named Harold who has run away from the zoo after being accused on eating someones pet dog. All of the other animals in the house are worried that Harold will turn them into a snack, but Max knows what it's like to be scared and alone so he does his best to protect Harold. The brave little duck and his friends try hiding Harold as well as disguising him (my favourite is when all of the animals pretend to be alligators) so the zoo detectives won't find him. Even as Harold becomes more comfortable in the house, the other animals worry that he will turn them into snacks because even Harold admits he has a very big appetite. Finally the zoo detectives find Harold and admit that he didn't eat a pet dog (which is what they thought originally) but rather a hot dog. So Harold returned to the zoo and the animals didn't have to worry anymore that he was going to eat them.

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