Saturday, September 18, 2010

Little Mommy Baby So New Deluxe Play Set by Fisher Price

As anyone who has read this blog or even casually glanced at it you know that I am a fan of Fisher Price toys. As a clinician I need to have toys that are durable and can stand up to lots of use (sometimes abuse), and Fisher price toys are well known to have that kind of durability. So when I found this toy set I was really excited because I love toys that promote relational and early pretend play and thought that this would be an excellent addition to my baby centre (it also matched the stroller and rocking cradle that I have and love). Strengths: The bed and high chair are cute and match other pieces in the baby so new series. They are easy to put together and because they are made of a hard plastic, easy to clean. The bed seems to be a bit more durable than the high chair. Weaknesses: My biggest disappointment was the overall quality to these items. The first time one of my kids tried to put the baby in the high chair it fell apart. I quickly put it back together, but as soon as this little girl tried to put the baby in again the chair once more fell apart. By the end of the day (after using it and putting it together countless times for 7 other children), the chair just fell apart. The seat no longer stays attached to the legs and the tray will fall off of the chair when even lightly bumped. Maybe I just got a lemon, but given my bad experience with this set I'm not willing to go out and buy another one to see if the quality is any better. Price: $30 - $35 (much to expensive for the quality of the toy I got). Where to Buy: Toys R Us, Amazon, or the Fisher Price website (

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