Friday, September 3, 2010

Taggies Grabby Elephant by International Playthings

This cuddly blue elephant is actually a winner of the Gold Oppenheim Toy Award! It is soft and snugly, just like all of the other Taggies toys. There are lots of different ribbons and tags attached to the elephant that make him easy to grab and fun to snuggle. It's basically a teething toy, but is light enough for infants to carry around for lots of sensory fun. Strengths: It is much more than just a rattle or teething toy because there are great opportunities for all kinds of exploration with this wonderful elephant. Babies can grasp his ears, his nose, and pull on the jiggly mouse inside of the elephant's tummy. I really love this toy and so do the children I share it with. It's a great size to carry around and it's light enough not to pinch or hurt little fingers. Weaknesses: Because it is made out of a soft, plush material it's not the easiest thing to throw in the washing machine for a quick cleaning. I spot clean mine when it needs it! It's a little extra work, but the toy is just so irresistible that it's worth a little extra work. Price: $15-2o. Where to Buy: There are lots of different places that you can find taggies toys. Some of the best sites to shop include: Baby Bungalow (, the Taggies site (, Sensational Beginnings (, and Genius Babies ( It's a really lovely toy and the perfect gift (I got mine from a really great family that I work with!)

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