Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Signs Complete Starter Kit: Everything you Need to Get Started Signing with Your Baby by Susan Goodwyn & Linda Acredolo

Based on the Baby Signs sign language program for babies, the Baby Signs Complete Starter Kit has everything parents will need for a successful start to signing fun with their babies. The kit includes: (1) Parent Guide to the Baby Signs Program: (2) An illustrated step-by-step signing guide for parents and caregivers. (3)Parent DVD: A video introduction to Baby Signs and a Video Dictionary with demonstrations of the 100 signs that are most useful to babies. (4) My Favorite Signs DVD for babies that teaches signs through fun animation, playful puppets, and signing babies. (5) Signs at a Glance Flipper that includes 86 signs on a flip-card with magnetic backing. (6) A set of chubby board books with colourful illustrations of the signs. Titles include: My Mealtime Signs My Bedtime Signs My Bath Time Signs My Pets Signs. This is a great starter kit if you're interested in teaching a young child sign language, but you should know that not all of the signs presented are American Sign Language (ASL) signs, but rather simple signs that can be more natural for little ones to imitate and produce. So if you want you child to learn ASL this might be a disappointment, but if you're willing to use a mixture of ASL and non-traditional signs, it's a really wonderful resource to have.

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