Monday, August 9, 2010

I Have to Go by Robert Munsch

Every time Andrew and his parent go somewhere they always ask him before they leave the house if he has to go potty. His answer is always a resounding "NO". But as soon as Andrew is in his snowsuit and strapped into his car seat he yells "I have to go"! Naturally his parents become frustrated with this pattern and are therefor pleasantly surprised when one night Andrew gets up with Grandpa one night to go to the bathroom and doesn't wet the bed. It's not really a potty training book, but has wonderfully expressive drawings that every parent will recognize as the least convenient moment for their child "to go". This is a fun story that seems to have special appeal for young preschoolers who are already potty trained. Robert Munsch is a very well known and prolific author of children's books, so you can rarely go wrong if your decide to purchase or check out from the library one of his addicting books. Where to Buy: Most major children's book sellers carry a fairly wide range of Munsch books so they aren't that difficult to find.

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