Sunday, August 1, 2010

Play Ground Ball Barnyard by Crocodile Creek

This 5 inch ball is great for children at a variety of different ages or levels of developmental functioning. It's light, easy to roll, and has a textured surface to make catching a little bit easier for younger children or children with motor issues. The animals are painted on the surface of the ball and don't scrape or wear off. I have the barn yard ball, but it comes with many different pictured themes (e.g., wild animals, dinosaurs, the solar system, fire trucks) Strengths: According to the manufacturer the ball is made of natural rubber, so it is bpa, pvc, latex, and vinyl free. Weaknesses: The ball is fairly durable, but I did have one accident where it was accidentally sat upon by an adult, and half of the ball deflated. But that's not the issue. When I tried to find a pump so I could refill the ball I was told that there wasn't one available so I'd have to replace the ball. It's not that expensive but it was just the principle of the thing. Price: $8-$10. Where to Buy: You can of course find these on Amazon but they are also available through and (both of which are really cool toy sites and have a wider selection of ball themes that Amazon.

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