Sunday, August 1, 2010

Butterfly Spinner by Chicco

It's hard to beat this cheery little spinner that's filled with brightly coloured, bouncing butterflies and lady bugs. It's made out of a durable plastic that can withstand lots of abuse by little hands and feet. Mine has been dropped, and occasionally kicked, a number of times and it's still in great shape! Strengths: It's a simple cause-effect toy with a large plunger that's easy for little hands to grasp. I've also found that it keeps young infants interested during tummy time. Weaknesses: The recommended age for this toy is 6 - 18 months, but for children at the younger end of the age range it can be a bit frustrating when they try to use the toy independently. The plunger takes a bit of strength to push down, so it's best if an adult helps the child play with the toy. Price: $17 - $20. Where to Buy: Target usually carries Chicco toys and you can also find it on line by googling the name of the toy.

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