Sunday, July 18, 2010

Parents ABC Architecture Blocks by Battat

This is a beautiful set of alphabet blocks that are made of a soft molded pvc and bpa free rubber/plastic that children as young as 6 - 12 months of age can float or stack. The blocks come in nine different shapes and each one has both a letter of the alphabet and a relief design of an animal whose name starts with that letter on it. Strengths: This is a really flexible set of blocks that can be used by very young as well as older children. As a child develops better motor control they can build all kinds of interesting shapes and forms because these blocks are not just a traditional square shape. You can also use the basic counting blocks with these more unique shapes. Weaknesses: These blocks have been really popular with the children I work with and I haven't been able to find any drawbacks to using them. Price: $20 - $27. Where to Buy: There are lots of major chain stores, like Target, that sell the Parents line of toys. You can also find them online, but I have found that the prices at Target are usually lower than the online retailers.

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