Saturday, July 17, 2010

Engaging Autism by Stanley Greenspan & Serena Wieder

This well written and accessible book provides an overview of the Developmental, Individual, Relationship based (DIR) model of intervention, commonly referred to as Floortime, an intervention approach that focuses on building social relationships with children diagnosed with Autism. Dr.'s Greenspan and Wieder provide an in depth overview of the stages of social emotional and social communicative development children must pass through in order to become effective partners with the people in their immediate environments. Engaging Autism provides a pragmatic approach to thinking about people on the autistic spectrum, including specific ideas for enhancing connectivity and communication in children at any age. The application of Floortime Principles to many different professional disciplines are also discussed. Sadly, Dr. Greenspan recently passed away, but his contributions to the field of assessment and intervention with children with Autism will live or a long, long time.

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