Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby Dino Land by Fisher Price

This is a fun, although not all that necessary addition, to the Dino families described below.There are buttons on the base of the toy that when pushed make dinosaur sound effects and there is a surprise pop up baby dinosaur. The set includes a baby Brontosaurus, baby triceratops and baby t-Rex, cave person, and a food bucket. Strengths: It's a fun little cave community to use with the other Dino families, especially if your child really enjoys playing with dinosaurs. There's even a cave and a tree that the little dinosaurs can hide in The dinosaurs that come with the set are a nice size for little hands and are easy to incorporate into play with other Dino figures. Weaknesses: Given how much fun so many of the Fisher Price play sets can be, this one falls a little short in the creativity department. Many of the children I work with really like to play with the dinosaur figures, but Baby Dino Land is typically forgotten quickly. There's just not that much you can do with it. Maybe if there had been another cave, a door to open and close, or a slide that the dinosaurs could go down it would be a bit more appealing to the toddler set. Price: $24 - $64. Where to Buy: Amazon has a few sellers that still carry this toy.

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