Friday, July 16, 2010

Brightlings Builders by Leap Frog

This is another instalment in the Brightlings toy series. The builders come with 9 pieces overall (3 bases, 3 heads and 3 other pieces) that can be stacked and rattled - one of them lights up when pressed and one has a tiny mirror. They can be used with the Brightlings Station, but are more of a "stand alone" toy than some of the other Brightlings pieces. Strengths: They are cute and a nice size for toddler hands. The fact that the pieces can be used interchangeably is a nice touch. I've found that the piece that rolls is the most popular with the children I work with. Weaknesses: Although these are a cut building/stacking toy, they don't really seem to keep children interested for a long time. When the pieces are stacked together, they tend to be a bit wobbly and will often just fall down when the child tried to move them. Price: $9 - $19. Where to Buy: I found them on a website called ( for $9.99 but you can still get them through different Amazon sellers.

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