Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lil Dino Brontosaurus by Fisher Price

These are the perfect toddler dinosaurs! A couple of years ago Fisher Price did a series of dinosaur toys that were toddler friendly. Sadly, they are not widely available anymore, but if you do find them I'd suggest you buy them for your little one if they enjoy dinosaurs. Each Lil Dino set comes with a Mama/Papa and baby dinosaur, an open/close egg that the baby fits into easily, a tray of food or the dinosaurs, and one brave little cave person (mine is missing)! Strengths: The figures are a perfect size for little hands to manipulate and there are lots of opportunities for using the figures in simple pretend play schemes. As I mentioned earlier, the egg opens and closes and the baby fits nicely inside, so you can play a great game of "nite-nite" and "wake up". The head on the adult dinosaur moves up and down, so toddlers can help the Mama/Papa dinosaur give the baby a kiss goodnight. Weaknesses: Because the neck on the adult dinosaur is movable it can become loose and then it will just tip forward every time you try to move it into the upright position. This doesn't lessen the appeal of the toy for the child. Price: $14 - $40 (the more expensive ones are the collectibles). Where to Buy: I have recently found the dino sets on eBay and Amazon.

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