Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deluxe Pound & Roll Tower by Melissa & Doug

This is an old-fashioned, sturdy, wooden, pounding toy that can keep children interested for a fairly long time! There's just something satisfying about being able to hit the wooden balls with the hammer, watch them roll down the ramps, and listen to the clicking noise they make as they roll towards the bottom of the toy. I have several other versions of pound-a-ball toys that the children I work with really enjoy, but this seems to be everyones' favourite version of the toy. Maybe it's the sound of wood hitting wood that they like, but most children just keep asking for it again and again when they come to "play" with me! Strengths: First it really is a solid, well made toy that can withstand a great deal of abuse. The balls fit snugly into the holes at the top of the tower so it can be a bit challenging for some children to make them go through the holes, but hey, a little challenge is good for all of us! Weaknesses: There isn't a "catch bin" at the bottom of the ramp so unless you're able to quickly catch the balls when they roll out of the tower you'll probably spend some time on your hands and knees digging them out from underneath the furniture (you can fix this problem by just putting a small plastic bowl at the opening on the bottom of the tower). The wooden hammer can sometimes be a little brutal if more than 1 child wants to play with the toy at the same time. Price: $16-20. Where to Buy: Specialty children's toy stores, Toys R Us, and online toy sellers usually carry this very popular toy. However, you can always buy it directly from the Melissa and Doug website (

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