Friday, July 16, 2010

Nesting Farm Animals by Little Tikes

I have had this toy for about 18 years and it's still a favourite for most of the children I work with. The cow, sheep, pig, and chicken all come apart (the mouse is a solid piece) so it can be fun to not only nest the animals inside of one another, but it's also fun to mix and match animal legs with animal heads. Strengths: When taken apart, the animals make good scoops for beans, rice, or sand, and they can turn into wonderful hats for younger children. It's a simple toy, but there are just so many different ways of playing with it. It's an incredibly durable little toy. Weaknesses: It's no longer commercially available. Price: ????? Where to Buy: I have seen these on eBay, but often times the mouse is missing from the stack. You could also check out garage sales where people are cleaning out old children's toys.

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  1. Thank you so much, I was looking for a picture of these guys everywhere! <3 Had them when I was little!