Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jungle Friends Jumbo Knob Puzzle by Melissa and Doug

Puzzles are always popular toys with toddlers, and this is a great example of everything that is good about puzzles for little hands! Strengths: There are a lot of good things about this puzzle. First, there are only three single, simple shape pieces that need to be put in the board to complete the puzzle. Second, each piece has an extra large knob on the front of it, which makes the piece easy for little hands to pick up. Third, each piece corresponds to a matching picture so the child is given a visual cue about where the animal could potentially go. Finally, the puzzle board and pieces are constructed out of a light but sturdy wood that makes the pieces easy to handle but impossible to bend or break. This also means that they are pretty much indestructible if a child decides to chew on the toy for a little while! Weaknesses: Although the shapes of the pieces are very simple, they can still sometimes prove to be a bit challenging for younger children. This is why it's a good idea to start with really simple shapes like circles or squares when children are about 12 months of age. Price: $5 - $8. Where to Buy:
Melissa and Doug toys are so popular they can be found in most toy stores, at many online retailers, and of course directly through the Melissa and Doug website (

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