Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stackabilities by Discovery Toys

For a child who really, really loves to stack towers this would be an interesting addition to the collection. Stackabilities comes with four different shaped pieces pieces that you must fit together in order to make the tower. Strengths: The appeal of this stacker rests more in the colours and fun little activities that each piece offers (e.g., spinning rings, shaking beads) than in the toy as a whole. Weaknesses: Because each piece is a different shape that you must fit into the right base, it really isn't that much fun to play with. It takes the creativity out of stacking and really forces the child to stack the tower in just one way every time. The octagon and triangle are difficult for little hands to manipulate into the correct position, so I see lots of frustration when I use this toy. Price: $20. Where to Buy: Discovery Toys used to sell this toy, but I didn't see it in their catalogue this year. You might be able to find one on eBay if you really wanted the toy.

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  1. Discovery Toys has a new stacking toy this season, Story Stacker, which was given Top 10 toy of the year award by Dr. Toy. See it at Discovery Toys. It has interchangeable animal heads and the ring shapes can be stacked any which way, eliminating your complaint about only being able to stack one way. I hope you like it!