Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little People Pirate Lil' Treasure Hunt by Fisher Price

How can you have a pirate ship without a treasure chest? This little raft and treasure chest are designed to be used with the Lil' Pirate ship as a way to expand the ideas during pretend play activities. Strengths: It's fun and light weight and really can be incorporated into other pirate play. The raft is a nice size and can hold several pirates if a group of friends decide to go on a treasure hunt. Weaknesses: It's a little expensive for what you actually get. Perhaps if it came with the pirate ship it would be easier to see the actual value of the toy. Price: $12. Where to Buy: Online retailers are your best bet, but I found mine at a local Big Lots store and only paid $5 for it. Since it's not one of the popularly available Fisher Price toys you can usually find it in a discount store for a lot less than the suggested $12 price tag.

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