Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brightlings Matchers by Leap Frog

According to the manufacturer of these toys, they are supposed to help young children learn about shapes and colour matching. When the child finds two parts of a matching set, the toy is supposed to glow, twirl, or chime as a way of reinforcing the child's actions. Unfortunately mine never really worked this way. I would get some light, sound, and movement, but certainly not the kinds of effects I thought would happen based on the packaging of the toy. Strengths: They are cute little figure that fit nicely into a toddler's hand and they can easily be used with the Brightlings Exploration Station (i.e., dropping them down the chute). Weaknesses: If your child really likes a "big effect" when playing with this type of toy, they won't get that reinforcement with this one. The play value is limited because the toys don't really operate in the way they are supposed to (or at least in the way I was expecting them to). Price: $12-$17. Where to Buy: I have only been able to find these online in sites like Amazon, eBay, and

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