Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yookidoo KaleidoDisk by International Playthings

If you are looking for a toy that will tap into most of your baby's senses this one is worth checking out. It's actually a two-in-one toy that will take your baby from crib, to tummy-time, to sitting and exploring, and still be a favourite when your little one is even more mobile. The centre of the toy is a mirrored musical kaleidoscope that plays four different musical CDs that come with the toy. The disks are decorated with highly colourful pictures that are reflected in the mirrors while the disk spins. You can turn on the lights of the toy or change the speed of the rotation to further heighten sensory exploration. The mirrored section of the toy can be suspended from a crib and then be attached to the activity base during tummy time activities, when your baby is learning to sit, or when he or she become more mobile. The activity base has a range of different types of toys to explore. There is a clicker, spinner, squeaker, mirror, and movable beads. There are also two plastic balls that snap out of the toy for more independent play. Strengths: This toy is wonderful for sensory exploration and really is a hit during tummy time, even for babies who don't enjoy being on their tummies all that much. Weaknesses: This is an expensive toy and the price can range significantly across different retailers. The lower price range is about $43 ( and the upper range is $59 (specialty toy shops).

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