Friday, September 4, 2009

Firefly & Friends Bug Jar by Sassy

This simple bug jar is a toy that seems to captivate the attention of a wide range of different children. The large pail comes with a net, 2 bees, 2 lady bugs, and one firefly, which lights up when dropped into the bucket. All of the bugs are made out of durable and washable plastic. Strengths: This toy will hold the interest of a young child for a number of months because it's function changes as the child gets older. For children at about 9 months of age the toy is fun because they can take the lid off of the jar, dump the bugs out, chew them, tap them together, and then return them to the jar. Older toddlers (12-15 months) enjoy putting the bugs in the wide slots on top of the jar. Still older children (18-24 months) can begin to use the bugs and the net for simple pretend play activities (e.g., catching the bugs, feeding them, or making them fly). Weaknesses: As the toy gets older it can be difficult to trigger the light located in the firefly.

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