Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swirlin' Surprise Gumballs by Fisher Price

This is a great cause-effect toy for babies and toddlers who like a little bit more action in their play. You drop the balls into the top of of the toy, press the blue lever, and a ball comes zipping down the ramp and out of the front of the gumball machine. There is also a yellow knob on the front of the toy that makes fun clicking sounds when turned. As an added bonus you can turn this battery operated toy on and lights flash and music plays when the gumballs come down the chute. Strengths: This is a fun toy for younger infants who enjoy the light and sounds and is also fun for older toddler who can operate the toy independently. Therefore, you are getting a good play value for the money you spend. Weaknesses: The toy is a little top heavy, so it tends to fall down with even just a slight bump. Also, there isn't much storage space for the balls, so if you use more than the four balls that come with the toy you might have difficulty finding a place to keep them.

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