Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chuffa Puffa Pull Along Train by Tomy

This is a wonderful pull toy by Tomy for toddlers who are either in the process of learning to walk or those who are already walking. As you pull the train along, different coloured balls or what the toy company calls "puffs of smoke" roll through the plastic tubes that runs from the smoke stack to the back of the train. The wheels make a fun clickity-clack sound when the train is pulled, so the toy taps into may different sensory experiences for a child. Strengths: The train is very easy to both pull and push, so it has been very popular with the children I have used it with. They go back to it time and time again, so it seems to be of good play value for the money spent. Weaknesses: As with most pull toys there aren't lots of opportunities for interactive play (you and your toddler using the toys together). However, I play stop and go games, rolling it back and forth games, and pretending to "fix" it with many of my toddlers, which they seem to enjoy. So it can be made into an interactive toy with just a little bit of imagination on your part.

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