Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stack & Roll Cups by Fisher Price

This is an amazingly durable set of nesting/stacking cups and is actually a great twist on a old favourite. These fun bowls can be stacked, nested, fit together and turned into five different balls, each with a hole on either side to make grasping and catching easy. Each cup has a textured lip that makes them comfortable for little hands to handle. The happy face ball that comes with the cups is easy to nest inside any of the cups, place inside one of the balls, or just stack on top of the cup tower. Because of the heavy plastic these are made of they are great for banging and chewing for younger children. Strengths: These cups are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways (they make great hats for little heads!) as children get older, which enhances the overall play value of this fun but simple toy. The cups are also great fun for "hide inside" activities! Weaknesses: If a child has motor limitations, these can be frustrating to stack. They fall over easily when bumped and need to be placed on fairly straight in order to make the tower sturdy.

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