Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Amazing Animals Rollin' Around Jungle Playground

This colourful playground offers many fun options for play for toddlers. The most exciting feature of the toy is watching one of the three chunky animals (tiger, rhino, and elephant) zoom down the plastic slide and bump into the monkey on the way down. Children can be very entertained by making the animals go down the slide, so play can become a little redundant, but if you play with your child you can help to stretch their imagination beyond the simple drop and roll action. The animals, which are a good size for toddler hands to grip, make great shakers! Strengths: Children seem to love this toy and it will keep them entertained for a long period of time. The toy is musical, but there is an on/off switch, so you can let your child play even when you're tired of listening to the song. My experience has been that most children like the toy just as much when the sound is turned off. Weaknesses: Besides the slide there are two other "activity stations" for the animals on this toy: a teeter-totter and a carousel. Neither of these options seem to work as well as the slide and I find that children quickly lose interest in them and will go back to dropping the animals down the slide.

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