Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rainbow Stackers by Tolo

Every child should have a great set of stacking cups! Adults tend to get bored with them very quickly, but little ones derive hours of joy banging them together, stacking them up, knocking them over, or just chewing on the rim. Stacking cups are wonderful toys because the only limit to using them is your imagination. They can become hats, shoes, a place to hide other little toys, something to play peek-a-boo behind - so the possibilities really are endless. Strengths: This set of cups by Tolo is nice because you get 7 cups instead of the usual 5 to stack, and their wide rims make them easy for little hands to balance on top on one another. Weaknesses: Children with motor planning difficulties may have problems stacking more than the first 2-3 cups because they are small and don't give you much room for an error of accuracy.

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