Monday, September 7, 2009

Press 'n Spin Safari Friends by Lamaze

Pushing buttons that make a toy do something funny or produce a sound is a highly popular activity for infants and toddlers starting at about 6 months of age. The Press 'n Spin Safari Friends is designed so the animals spin around and a fun and lively song plays when the top of the palm tree is pressed down. Strengths: The palm tree button is large and easy to depress, so younger children can theoretically operate the toy with some degree of independence. Weaknesses: Although the palm tree button is easy to depress, many children in the recommended age group have difficulty operating the toy. Most children are more interested in holding on to the monkey or lion than actually operating the toy for its intended purpose. If an adult then presses the button to make the toy go, children continue to hold on to the animal figures, which doesn't allow them to spin freely. Because of this the motor on the toy wears out quickly. Because of these limitations the toy is not a good play value for the money.

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