Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mirror Pound-a-Ball by Parents

This is one of the most popular pound-a-ball toys for children at a wide range of ages. Because of the three ramps the balls must roll down before they reach the bottom little ones have more time to visually track and appreciate the cause-effect nature of the toy. The hammer makes a fun squeaky sound when hit against the balls and the mirrored background provides an added sensory element. Strengths: Younger babies and toddlers enjoy watching the balls roll down the ramps and the mirror lets them watch their own reflection during play. Older toddlers have fun whacking or pushing the balls through the holes. Weaknesses: The balls fit very snugly into the holes on top of the toy, so making them fall through can be difficult for younger toddlers or for children who do not have good upper body muscle strength.

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