Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just a thought.......

Starting at about 12 months of age toddlers begin to express a new found sense of independence, and that means they might have difficulty sharing their toys with someone else (even you!). Remember they are not being purposefully difficult; they are simply showing an increased sense of understanding of the rules we live by (e.g., these things are MINE and it's difficult to share them with someone else). It's a typical stage of development that all children go through so don't worry if your child demonstrates this type of behaviour. One option for handling these outbursts is by giving a choice to your toddler, "Do you want to play with the blocks or the elephant?" Once your child selects a toy put the other one away. Also, try limiting the number of toys your child has to choose from. Keeping some toys out of sight will help your child focus on the toys that are available to play with, rather than just wanting the entire contents of his or her toy box on the floor.

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