Monday, September 7, 2009

Just a thought....

The best toys are not always the ones you buy for your child. Homemade toys can be just as much fun as something purchased at the store. There are several strength of toys you make yourself: (1) they can be less expensive than store bought toys; (2) you can adapt toys to meet your child's physical or cognitive level of development (e.g., making pictures larger or simpler); and (3) you can include ideas or themes that are particularly motivating or interesting to your child. The greatest advantage of homemade toys is that the only thing limiting them is your imagination. Margarine tubs filled with a few beans or rice make great shakers, old photo albums filled with simple and familiar pictures are wonderful first books, a zip-lock bag with hair gel in it can be a wonderful squishy or patting toy, and a large cardboard box makes a great house or quiet place to share books. So be creative and have fun making great toys for your child.

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