Saturday, September 12, 2009

Freddie the Firefly by Lamaze

Every infant needs a good toy to clutch and explore with their hands, feet, and mouth. Freddie meets these criteria and then some! This brightly coloured firefly crinkles, squeaks, and clinks just about anywhere baby touches him. The body is made out of a soft velour and the wings out of multi-textured materials, all great for early exploration. Freddie also comes with an attached lady bug teether and a pee-a-boo mirror. This unlikely bug is extremely popular with infants under about 10 months of age. Strengths: There is much to explore on Freddie and most children stay interested in him for a long period of time. Once his usefulness as a clutch toy has passed, he just a fun stuffed toy to carry around for most children. Weaknesses: The mirror on his wing is a little small and the lady bug teether is good for front teeth, but is a bit difficult to get further back in the mouth.

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