Monday, September 7, 2009

What Babies & Toddlers Like About Books....

It really never is to early to start reading to your baby. The might not be interested in the story, but they love the sound of your voice, touching and looking at pictures, as well as sometimes "chewing" on the books. All of these behaviours are developmentally appropriate for young children! The most important tip about sharing books with your baby and toddler is that you should HAVE FUN!!! Don't worry if you don't actually read the book, just make it a pleasurable and shared activity between the two of you. Here are some ideas about the kinds of books your baby or toddlers might enjoy:
0-6 months of age: books with large simple pictures or designs with bright colours; chunky books; books that may be folded out so they can see all of the pictures; cloth and soft vinyl books with pictures of familiar objects.
6-12 months: board books with pictures of other babies; books that have different textures on the pages; books with pictures of familiar objects; books that can be taken into the bath tub; small plastic photo albums of friends and family.
12-24 months: books that are small and sturdy enough to carry around; goodnight books for bedtime; books that practice the routines of "hello" and "good-bye"; books with only a few words on each page; books with simple rhymes and predictable text; animal books; books of children doing familiar activities (e.g., bath time, bed time, eating, playing).

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