Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rainfall Rattle by Discovery Toys

This is a great sensory exploration toy if your child enjoys ones that make soft sounds and produce interesting visual effects. The sound of a gentle rainfall when the beads roll through the tube and the rainbow of colours produced when the beads move make this a fun toy for children at a wide range of ages. Younger infants enjoy the toy when an adult helps them tip the tube from end to end and make the beads tumble. Older infants enjoy crawling after the toy when it is rolled across the floor. Toddlers can independently manipulate the toy, so they can create the rainfall all by themselves. Strengths: This is a sturdy, well built toy that appeals to children of different ages for different reasons. Weaknesses: The type of play that can be accomplished with the toy is fairly limited, so the fun may wear off quickly for some children. Where to Buy: This toy can be purchased directly through the Discovery Toys website ( or through Amazon ( Price: Discovery Toys: $10; Amazon: $9-15.

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