Sunday, September 13, 2009

Magic Shaker by Tolo

This beautifully crafted rattle makes a wonderful gift for any baby. It produces a soft rain-like noise as the beads drop from one end of the rattle to the other. Additionally there is a wonderful surprise that accompanies this toy. When you turn the rattle over, the pink beads disappear and the blue beads fill the other chamber. So the name "Magic Shaker" really is fitting! The handles are easy to grip, making this an ideal clutch toy for very young infants. There's also a great little peek-a-boo mirror at each end of the toy, so baby can look at his or her reflection during play. According to Tolo this toy is the winner of international toy awards, they don't specifically state which ones, but it still sounds pretty impressive. Strengths: This is a wonderful toy for promoting simple visual tracking as the beads move from one chamber to the other and also can support infants as they learn how to bring both hands to mid-line (middle of the chest) when lying on their backs. Additionally, they toy is easy to transfer from one hand to the other because of the easy grip handles. Weaknesses: None that I've noticed. This toy is popular with a range of infants.

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