Monday, September 7, 2009

Peek-a-Boo Books by DK

These peek-a-boo books for babies are a wonderful series that are just right for helping children to develop a life-long love affair with books. Between about 6-12 months of age babies start to become interested in books that feature pictures of other babies as well as familiar animals and objects. They also enjoy books that have fun elements to explore such as lifting the flap and touching different textures. The DK peek-a-boo books, which are made of a heavy grade cardboard, feature beautiful photos of babies participating in familiar routines (e.g., bath time). They also include fun sensory elements such as different textured materials to touch and peek-a-boo flaps that hide more babies. A feature of these books that I really like is the heavy gauge cardboard that is used on the page flaps. Most flaps on these types of books are easily ripped, but the DK books use a cardboard that is much more difficult for young children to tear. You can find all of the peek-a-boo books at

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