Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Water Hole by Graeme Base

This gorgeously illustrated book is actually a combination of a counting book, puzzle book, and storybook. The Water Hole tells the story of different animal habitats and what happens to the animals when the water supply begins to run low (watch closely for the group of frogs that frolic across each page in party hats and Hawaiian shirts). This book is published both in a traditional hard cover version and a board book versions, both of which are "finger in the hole" books (books where a child can stick his/her finger through a hole in the page in order to turn the page). The text in the book is very simple, so even if a young child has difficulty understanding the theme of water conservation - there is fun to be had in counting the animals and making fun sounds with them. The Water Hole is available from most children's book sellers or large chain book stores with a children's section.

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