Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Anouk the Pyramid by Lilliputiens

This plush stacking toy offers many surprises for babies and toddlers. Squeaky feet, a head that rattles, and wings that crinkle are only some of the fun aspects of Anouk! Additionally there is a large mirror hidden underneath the penguin and when the three soft rings are removed from his body, a bright blue starfish is revealed. Strengths: This is a fun toy to explore and it's one that will keep babies and toddlers interested for quite awhile. Even once the fun of taking the rings on and off wears out, Anouk is just fun to carry around or put in a doll stroller. Weaknesses: The price is the biggest drawback of this toy. It's regular price is $49, but can be found on Amazon (via Moolka Toys) for $39. Where to Buy: This toy can be found at (a European toy company). Moolka carries a wide range of unique toys that aren't often found in large chain toy stores.

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