Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stacking Rings by Bruin

This is a musical stacking toy that holds a great deal of appeal from older infants and toddlers alike. The three rings sit on a musical base, and when then head is pushed down on the stacking ring the toy plays several songs and spins back and forth. Strengths: The rings are made out of a hard plastic and are easy for little hands to manipulate. They fit easily onto the stacking rod and the toy itself is very simple to activate. Weaknesses: Although there is an on/off switch on the toy there is not a volume control and the music is LOUD. Additionally, the Bear's head isn't really secure and falls off easily. Price: $15-$20. Where to Buy: Bruin toys are carried exclusively by Toys R Us. Because the toy line is from Europe, not all items are available on a regular basis.

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